About Us

Our plant history

Our dairy plant was founded in the most difficult post-war period. Completely reliant on manual labor, the daily output was very small: 150kg of butter, 200kg of sour cream and three tons of milk.

The plant was rebuilt, becoming one of the largest dairy factories in Belarus.

The ISO 9001 quality management system was implemented and the plant certified.

The factory was equipped with new Swiss-made production lines. We are now producing 380 tons of milk products per day.

The factory's dairy products were accredited for importation into China. The plant also introduced the Halal certification system.

Our Team

Sergei Pyshny

Managing Director

Natallia Basalaeva

Marketing Director

Alexandr Sitnitsa

Finance Director

Sergei Kozlov


Where to Buy

Our products are always available and can be delivered to any part of the world from our warehouses in Belarus.